Trekking Peak-the designation trekking peak is an unfortunate misnomer, because most of the peaks are significant mountaineering challenges. Few of the trekking peaks are walk ups and some of them technically demanding and dangerous. However the trekking peak climbing requires some technical skill and previous experience. The weather is often bad and may force you to sit in your tent for a day or more. Usually a well-equipped base camp is necessary and the ascent of a peak require one or two high camps that must be established. Most of the peaks require a minimum of two days to climb and can take as long as three weeks. Since 1978 the Nepal Mountaineering Association NMA has had the authority to issue permission for small-scale attempts on 18 peaks. Though it is not necessary to go through a long application process, hire and equip a liaison officer, or organize a huge assault on a major peak in order to try Himalayan Mountaineering.

Peak Climbing In Nepal
>> MeraPeak (Expedition) 6654m.- Autumn 2007
>> Lobuche (Expedition) 6119m. - Autumn 2007
>> Kwangde Peak (Expedition) 6011m. - Autumn 2007
>> Island Peak (Expedition) 6160 m - Autumn 2007.
>> Pachhermo Peak (Expedition) 6187m. 2007
>> Paldor Peak (Expedition) 5896m. 2007

>> Dromo Peak (Expedition) 6855m. 2007

>> Mardi Himal Peak (Expedition) 5587m. 2007

>> Dhampus Peak (Expedition) 6012m. 2007
>> Pokalde Peak (Expedition) 5800m. 2007
>> Tharpu Chuli (Tent Peak) ( Expedition) 5,663m. 2007
>> Singu Chuli (Fluted Peak) ( Expedition) 6,501m. 2007
>> Kusum Kangaru Peak (Expedition) 6367m. 2007
>> Ramdung Go Peak (Expedition) 5926m. 2007
>> Kwangde Peak (Expedition) 6011m. 2007
>> Ganja La Chuli(Naya Kanga) Peak (Expedition) 5844m 2007
>> Chulu West (Expedition) 6419m. Autumn 2007. 2007
Fixed Departure Autumn 2007
>> PISANG PEAK 6092m/19980ft.(Climbing)- Fixed Departure Autumn 11 Sept 2007.
>> ISLAND PEAK 6189m/20300ft.(Climbing)- Fixed Departure Autumn 11Sept 2007.
>> MERA PEAK 6476m/21242ft.(Climbing)- Fixed Departure Autumn 11Sept 2007.
Fixed Departure Spring 2007
>> PISANG PEAK 6092/19980ft (Climbing) - Fixed Departure Spring 31 March 2007.
>> ISLAND PEAK 6189m/20300ft.(Climbing) Fixed Departure Spring 31 March 2007.
>> MERA PEAK 6476m/21242ft.(Climbing)- Fixed Departure Spring 31 March 2007.