Experience the wilderness and the culture. Walk through colorful narrow streets, large towns to the untouched surrounding villages and foothills. Buddhist monasteries, Stupas, Temples and with their almost mediaeval atmosphere. Besides that here are many ancient places around the kingdom and primitive houses around the Kathmandu valley to make your stay relish.

There is no place like Nepal where you will find such a charming variety of sightseeing attractions, cultural tours and adventure opportunities. This delightful diversity is the result of wildly varying ecosystems supporting an array of vegetation types, wildlife species, cultures and habitats. The land changes from sweltering tropical jungles in the south to the freezing snow-covered heights in the north with green hills and valleys in between all within a distance of 200 km.

>>Special Tour Packages <<

Tour Packages:
>> Tour Package with rafting(Programe No.1)
>> Tour Package with Jungle safari(Programe No.2)
>> Tour Package with Trekking (Programe No.3)
>> Ancient City Tour (Programe No.4)
>> Pilgrimaes Tour (Programe No.5)
>> Tour package with Rafting & Jungle Safari (Programe No.6)
>> Tour Package with Rafting & Trekking (Programe No. 7)
>> Tour Package with Sightseeing & Trekking (Programe No.8)
>> Tour Package with Sightseeing & Trekking(Programe No.9)
>> Tour Package with Sightseeing & Trekking (Programe No.10)
>> Tour Package with Sight Seeing (Program No.11)